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Company Overview

Bedell Tucci, LLC, was founded in 2005 by Catherine M. Bedell, M.S.C.E., and Robert J. Tucci, P.E. Together, Ms. Bedell and Mr. Tucci, have over 40 years of civil engineering experience. The firm provides complete site/civil professional engineering services including layout, grading, utility, stormwater pollution prevention plans and comprehensive stormwater management and permitting.

Ms. Bedell and Mr. Tucci are invovled in the design and coordination of all the firms' projects. The services provided by the firm also includes coordination with various agencies to secure approvals and permits generally associated with on-site stormwater activities. Both Mr. Tucci and Ms. Bedell work together to prepare a complete design and meet project deadlines. The firm has designed numerous projects for the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) based on the Ohio School Design Manual and has achieved LEED certification from USGBC on numerous projects.

Bedell Tucci, LLC, pre-qualified with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for non-complex roadway and bikeway design. The firm is also pre-qualified DBE under the Ohio Unified Certification Program (UCP). The program certifies DBE's for ODOT and Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA}.

Robert J. Tucci, P.E.
Robert J. Tucci, P.E.
Catherine Bedell
Catherine M. Bedell